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Friday 25/09/2017

Began communications with an artist to begin design for online presence including logos, banners, branding.

Sonnes Artwork

Looked into NFC digital business cards on Moo website.

Looked into building a new website. Looking into getting a brand put together for new website and portfolio.

Began building a new website with Squarespace. Finding much easier to use in comparison to Wordpress, more flexibility and less clunky.

Thursday 22/10/2017

Document Pure Data projects from exploring procedural audio concepts. Opening old projects, taking screenshots and adding descriptions on how they work or what they do.

Began to put together a VO demo reel after completing a few online courses on UDEMY website. I also looked into other peoples VO portfolios to see what standard was out there in the professional working industry. I found a few scripts for different style VO projects and set up shop in a recording studio to record myself acting out these scripts.

Sunday 25/10/2017

Revisited TANKS project whereby Pure Data was used to replace all the audio within the game. A bespoke music and sound effects audio engine was designed and implemented for this demo project via Unity 3D and Pure Data application.

Revisited AAA style demonstration with UFPS level. Here the audio was replaced using multiple middleware solutions, Fmod, Wwise and Fabric. Fmod used for adaptive music, Wwise for dynamic sound effects and ambiences and Fabric for its spline functionality. Need to revisit this at a later date for fixing a few errors.

Thursday 29/10/2017

After a few informal meetings, began design work project with artist. Decided on base ideas for logo design 1 which can be used as a banner in social media and internet sites.

Monday 2/11/2017

Write up cover letter template for job applications. Looking at different design templates, structure templates and content examples. So far the base of the content should include skills, abilities, knowledge, experience and expertise under the areas of “What the company are looking for”, “Answers to their question” and “Proof of my value to their company”.

Discovered “Performance Vs. Stress Level” chart including the following 4 sections: Invest, Develop, Absorb and Expert.

Thursday 05/11/2017

INTERACTIVE CONCEPT (Methodology) Explored using eye tracking on Alienware laptop from Tobii to gather eye movement data in order to define the relationship between eye movement and sound placement. Attempted to get a Unity project running which uses the built in camera and eye tracking SDK but required coding skills that were a little beyond my skillet considering the time frame i'm working in. I later realised this would not be of any use when using sound in a 3D environment testing ambisonic audio.

AUDIO CONCEPT (Sound Design) Began to think about how explore the sound design process in relation to the technology I may use. Idea of evolving sound stream that moves around the player in AR using a hit points system so as the player locates the sound and taps on it the sound transforms into another sound and location. Need to explore either sound transformation from location to location or sound reappearing in alternative location. Concern for jarring sensation if the sound simply jumps from location to location, further exploration needed.

INTEGRATION CONCEPT (Technology) My android phone is currently blocking access to the google play store which means I can no longer access the oculus applications which in turn means I cannot develop for Gear VR.

Monday 13/11/2017

Tuesday 4/11/2017

Began designing composition for Scorebit contest.

Created a Gantt chart for portfolio planning and setting deadlines to keep on track with progress.

Planning and targets for task management.

Planning and targets for task management.

Finalised Scorebit contest composition and submitted with written storylines for characters.

Revisited UFPS level with Wwise middleware project for triggering footsteps on different surfaces. Player footsteps change for surface material and reverberation zones. Large open indoor area reverb with concrete floor footsteps and wood floor footsteps. Jumping and landing sounds also trigger in game.

Thursday 16/11/2017

Finished writing up a template for cover letter, looking at 3 examples covering a very good letter, and standard letter and a bad letter.

Looked into how to write to someone asking for a reference. Found several useful websites with information about approach, structure and content for reference letters and emails. Several examples were available and I have taken these and adapted them to the relevant contacts. Further final touches need to be applied before sending.

METHODOLOGY Began looking into how to measure emotions scientifically. Found academic papers on valance and emotions. Began looking at how I can adapt these methodologies to my own project of agency and sonic narrative. Further investigation is required in order find a suitable way of collecting data to measure agency.

Monday 23/11/2017

Began looking into how to contact practicing industry professional for advice and information on Masters project and working/applying for work in the game audio side of the game industry.

Friday 24/11/2017

AUDIO CONCEPT Began to explore how I could visualise sound in Unity. I found several spectrum analysers that project the audio spectrum of sound. I recorded myself speaking in two different voices telling the player to look at one or the other and applied the audio spectrum visualisers to these sound sources in a 3D environment in Unity 3D. Yet to apply ambisonic recordings to the sound sources.

Saturday 25/11/2017

Purchased and explored visual scripting plugin for Unity 3D – BOLT and NOTTORUS. Both have been rated very highly and both follow the Blueprints style of Epic Games Unreal 3D game engine. These are useful for prototyping idea in Unity with object behaviours and properties. Having a few issues with BOLT in that the walk though is showing more information than what I actually get when I use it, further investigation to solve issues will entail. NOTTORUS has been successful so far but yet to explore its audio functionalities.

Wednesday 29/11/2017

Continued a game development course on UDEMY. Mainly going through the basics of coding for object behaviour.

Created the outline for an Audio Design Document, taking influence from full Game Design Documents and further breaking down the audio sections into more detail.

Sunday 03/12/2017

Continued working on ADD. Looking at a summer project game development idea to put sound to. BEAT GAME idea where player travels down a tunnel collecting the melody of a musical composition in notes. Points scored for the highest number of melody notes collected.

Thursday 08/12/2017

Cont. playing with development ideas of BEAT GAME and Masters project.

Started looking at Google Resonance audio spatialisation plugin for Unity 3D. Found website with walk though and opened the example project in the SDK. Need to test with ambisonic recordings.

Thursday 15/12/2017

Exploring tracking and recording data for head position and oculus touch input. Discovered ZED SDK on StereoLabs website. Also found this link to tracking Tales from the Rift .

AUDIO CONCEPT converted ambisonic recordings from A-format into B-format using Reaper and Sennheiser's Ambeo workflow. Also converted mono audio files into spatialised ambisonic audio files using Reaper and Ambix plugin workflow.

Sunday 24/12/17

Exploring Sondly App for the first time. Importing sound banks and entering metadata.

Loading up old projects was a gentle reminder that Phonon 3D audio plugin bought out by Steam and is not available in FMOd or Wwise yet!

Tuesday 26/12/2017

Brushing up on Adobe Premiere skills to build video demo reel showing game engine, middleware and DAW projects.

Wednesday 27/12/2017

Cont. working on portfolio by gathering evidence - pictures, videos, links, audio and populating website. Also making sure all online platforms are consistent with content, text and branding - Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Press Kit, Upwork, GamesindustryJobs website, gamejam, youtube, github, instagram, tumblr, soundcloud, google plus, slack, stackoverflow etc.

Wednesday 03/01/2018

Looking on Games Jobs Direct website for interesting opportunities. JUNIOR AUDIO DESIGNER – ONE YEAR PLACEMENT – WAKEFIELD

Also Glassdoor website gives employees feedback from working with companies. A good insight into the companies you are looking to work for.

Found beautiful piano and orchestral music to listen to while working. Very soothing.

Looking into random and generative music production processes.

Thursday 04/01/2018

Screen Shot 2561-01-18 at 05.36.30.png

End Of The Beginning

Saturday 19/05/2018

Now finished the bespoke middleware blog found separately under the "About" section of this website. Its was an inspirational journey and feel like a lot was learnt. Experience using the Heavy compiler from Enzien was very pleasant and useful. Future intentions for this product will include further development for better optimisation and aesthetic. In the mean time, here are a few bits from the past few years of studies...

The audio asset list from Year 2. Complied from procedural SFX, synthesised SFX (in the box/D.A.W), dialogue from different languages, ages and genders, foley SFX recorded by myself and others. The written document explaining processes and approach can be found HERE.

Link to my Middleware blog. A copy of the build can be downloaded HERE. This is a very early stage but it has the functionality. Press "L" key to move to the next scene. Scene 2 has a giant dome sticking out the ground. Approach and walk through this to activate different layers(they are only single triggers so once you reach the inside you need to come all the way outside and re-enter to reactivate the triggers)