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Pushing Boundaries


After presenting the pitch a few things were highlighted for improvement and realisations about the future.

  • First, the flow and functionality of presentation needs work. Some times the content would drift back and forth and loose its direction. The slides with links to videos were inaccessible due to settings within Keynote preferences.This meant when it came to demonstrating what the slides were explaining the videos were not accessible, causing a break in the flow and looking unprofessional. 

  • Secondly, building this pitch raised issues of how the weather system product could be viable and used in the real world. If other systems already exist and work just as well then whats the point of this weather system? Cost and control is the answer. Other systems provide a nice package but at a fee, normally monthly. These systems also offer limited control which tends to restrict creativity, especially if your a "sound" person.

  • Thirdly, a personal touch is needs to be more predominant. If I was selling a product to a small games company, they are buying me as well as my product. Additional bits that present my personality and character should be seen and shown in the pitch.

Here are the final slides from the pitch.

Weather update:

  • Updated script now using one script per trigger for weather system. This has been done in order to increased optimisation. Still need to achieve player distance RTPC for weather parameter values. This can be done through using the audio scripting sessions online. Attempts were made to script from scratch but struggled to get a final result that worked without taking forever. Looking into tutorials and assets that may help. Working through Bjorn Jacobson's YouTube videos for Unity Audio Scripting. There are several techniques and scripts that can be applied to the weather system workflow.

Combined functions into one script so now On/Off events are called from a single script.

Demo of a new script working. One script to call both on and off functions of the Heavy compiled script from a Pure Data patch.

Weather element functions being called from relevant script. Each element now has its own script that controls all the available functions.