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Almost There

Just a little further...

Weather system with insects integrated. A basic demo of how areas of a scene could be set up.

Here are the new exposed parameters that have been exposed to allow increased creative control. All of these parameters can be called in script as before, with references from the Heavy compiled scripts.

In conclusion, this bespoke middleware solution sits between Pure Data or other external standalone audio creative applications and Unity game engine. By being integrated directly into Unity game engine, the user can experiment by adjusting different weather parameters in realtime. 

If this project were to have investment there would be several additional features and developments that could be made. 

  • Customisable GUI for user to choose and craft their own list of parameters available to them. As above you can see the list of available parameters is very long. If the user could select which parameters they wanted to use, it would make the GUI less cluttered and more efficient for the user.
  • Once this has been done then users would be able to save these layouts and share them online with other users. Also the ability to alter the original PD patch would be available and as most PD patches, be available online to share for free.
  • Cross platform compatibility would be developed so this system would be useable on windows and other middleware devices such as FMOD or Fabric and maybe integrated into Unity engine itself to be given away when the engine is downloaded.
  • Additional features and versions, similar to the Krotos guys. Another version could be developed for themed environments such as Sci-Fi or Western.
  • Real-time data integration. This would be the most original idea for development. When a game developer uses this weather system in their game there would be an option to use real-time weather data to be presented in the game when playing. For example, if the game was being played in the Antarctic where its snowing then the game weather would represent this weather. Alternatively if the game was being played in the sunny hills of Spain then the weather in the game would represent the weather outside, sunny.