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Insomnia 63 Gaming Exhibition 2018

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A few bits of inspiration...

A few bits of inspiration...

Indie Zone

The Insomnia Gaming Festival’s Indie Zone offers independent developers the chance to show case their game to thousands of attendees over each of our events.

We offer a brandable space in our dedicated zone, along with a PC, monitor and peripherals, all for free. All we ask in return is that you bring your game in a playable state for our attendees to enjoy and give you valuable feedback. Many Indie Developers come back time and time again because of the quality of interaction and feedback our attendees offer.

Please note that the Insomnia Indie Zone is not able to accept games with 18+ content. Any game with 16+ rated content will be approved on a case by case basis per event.

Our Indie Zone applications are now open.
— https://insomniagamingfestival.com/insomnia/contact#indie-zone

An eye opening experience. After speaking with some indie developers it seems majority of them used native Unity or Unreal audio tools such as C# and blueprints. In these cases the programmer generally took on the role of audio programmer as well. Some outsourced or had a friend join the team to take care of the audio, which goes to show that a lot of the time it's "who" you know as well as what you you know.

It was a real mix of backgrounds with some games coming off the back of honors projects and others who just went in blindly with no experience. One game was developed over 18 months between 2 people. They has an idea and ran with it with sheer dedication and passion, producing an awesome game called “Onops”. Interestingly these guys had ported their game to a Nintendo Switch which from what they spoke about, was quite a tricky process but a neat accomplishment.

The application for a spot is available on the Insomnia website. Requested applicants are asked to provide a pitch including an artefact, along with informative details like theme and philosophies. Successful applicants are provided with a space, technical support and equipment if required, all for free. This is quite inspirational and confidence boosting to know that with a little resourceful planning and dedication, the opportunity to get developing is well within reach.

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Games that caught interest:

This Dead Winter

This Dead Winter is a dark fantasy adventure game set in ancient woodland, gripped by an eternal winter. You’re one of the few remaining animals left, a bright red fox. Your cub has been mysteriously taken and you must find a way to get her back. 
Embark on a journey through the ruins of a lost civilisation and into the heart of an otherworldly forest.

Developed by Rob Potter:

Hi. I'm Rob Potter, I'm a Final Year student studying Games Programming BSc at The University of Huddersfield. I'm currently developing:

This Dead Winter

Inops is a puzzle based 2D side scroller. The aim of the game is to stay alive and guide all the Inops through each level. There are lots of traps/ways to die, puzzles, and even other Inops waiting to be awoken within each level to add to your numbers! Inops are also able to join, and become one big Inop, which helps complete levels by merging them together or splitting them up to fit into smaller spaces. Inops uses both touch-screen and physical buttons to interact with the environment and control the character simultaneously. With 3 different worlds, an inviting art style and interactive gameplay, Inops is set to bring a unique and immersive experience!


LUNA - The Shadow Dust: A Point and Click Puzzle Adventure

Piano performance by Wang Qian. Listen to more LUNA sound track by Wang Qian here : https://soundcloud.com/elecorgan/sets/luna-shadow-dust Support LUNA - The shadow Dust's Kickstarter Campaign here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lanternstudio/luna-the-shadow-dust-a-point-and-click-puzzle-adve for more information about the game and music please visit : www.lantern-studio.com

Weather Report

Weather Update - Weather system prototype development.

Master script - allowing only one instance of the patch to be running at anytime.

Master script - allowing only one instance of the patch to be running at anytime.

After running through the Heavy guest lecture workshop video, this project is beginning to take shape. The workshop provided a workflow for setting up communications between the Heavy compiler script and Unity functionality.

Parameters and events can now be controlled via events within Unity using game objects and some constructive scripting. So far progress is slow but synapses are firing in light of the potential functionality becoming available. Successful triggering of patch events has presented several issues that require further iterative design and development.

Firstly, every time an event is triggered through Unity there is a painful digital clipping sound. “LINE” objects need to built into the original patch to avoid clipping

Demonstration of triggering events to activate different parts of Pure Data weather patch. Issues raised and solutions to be implemented.

Demonstration of further developments. Instead of each game object containing a patch, a master script now manipulates the patch behaviours when triggered by the player entering certain trigger zones.
  • Issues : clipping when triggered. Solution: check patch for settings on loadbang.

The clipping when patch is triggered to turn on may be caused by the objects turning too many active sound generator on simultaneously. Re-evaluation and testing of the patch with iterative designs for loadbang objects should reveal if this is the issue. If part of the patch has positive volume values, when the patch is triggered to turn on then these positive volume values may cause a spike on output.

  • Issues : every time triggered the values double. Solution: check scripting to trigger only once.

Parameter values seem to be sent every time the collider is triggered “on trigger enter”. As this is a trigger related problem, the issue could reside in the scripting behaviours. As coding is not my area of expertise I suspect this may be the issue. Some minor adjustments should fix this, perhaps look into Unity audio scripting tutorials.

  • Next stage - triggering parameters to adjust in real time. Attaching parameters to player distance and gameobject position.

The next stage of development aims to trigger parameter changes in real time (RTPC). By attaching parameters of the patch to player distance, weather characteristics could be manipulated in relation to player position. This will hopefully bring the functionality of the integrated patch up to a level so it can be used in practice.