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Weather or Not?

Weather Report:


Line objects needed to smooth slider clicking. More development of patch ahead such as GUI sketch up, iterations for mega patch or prefabs idea, space/hyperreal additions, expose more parameters or add a sampler to avoid repeated results, realworld weather system which can be extreme or chilled.

BespokeWeatherUpdate April2018Edit1 PDpart1 Wind&Rain
BespokeWeatherUpdate April2018Edit1 PDpart1 Insects&Heavy
Bespoke Weather Update April 2018 Unity Heavy Integration & setup. Script @ 2:08 for snapshot transition from Bjorn Jacobsen (massive thanks) link to his vids in comments.

Previously stated issues:

  • Clipping on trigger enter. Issues resided in the simple sine wave osc~ section of the patch, left over from the original Heavy workshop tutorial. This was removed as it's not relevant to the patch objectives for now.

  • Parameter increase values repeating on trigger enter. The issues lay in the script that had been attached to trigger object. The script was telling the parameter to increase by the declared value every time on trigger enter was called. After reviewing the approach to calling events through script, some minor script reconstruction was required.

    • The workflow used two separate scripts to turn elements of the patch on and off. I suspect this was causing some issues with messages being sent to and from the script and the patch. Further investigation is needed with scripting.


Demonstration of the weather section with the FMOD Unity integration demo project. Many thanks to the creator of this project, it has inspired creatively and helped me understand the communication between FMOD and Unity through scripting, so thanks again.

Conceots in this project inspired and influenced the weather system currenbtly in develpoment by myself for the module in progress.

Market Research

Along the way stumbled across a procedural audio website containing weather elements, similar to the project currently under construction for this module.

Gabriel Martin- Ambient sounds to wash away distraction

Gabriel Martin- Ambient sounds to wash away distraction