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A Wwise Man Once Said...


Simon Ashby Wwise Guest Lecture


Simon Ashby gave an insightful and informative guest lecture on the workings of Wwise. Plugin development for Wwise was covered alongside some helpful optimisation advice. Explanation of Using Wwise Authoring API (WAAPI) to customise Wwise workflow provided considerations to taken into account when developing plugins. Wwise also provide certification programmes that include many benefits for game audio designers.

Simon Ashby from Audiokinetic.

Simon Ashby from Audiokinetic.


Wwise 101 and 201 teaches Unity integration and Wwise workflow. 

Wwise 241 teaches optimisation for project and plugin workflow .

Wwise 301 teaches further Unity integration processes.


Strong cross-platform capabilities from Wwise's Soundseed plugin.

Strong cross-platform capabilities from Wwise's Soundseed plugin.


Weather Report....

Initial development of weather system in PD. Began to develop a master patch following the Tanks project workflow previously mentioned. Issues raised revolved mainly around setting up and exposing parameters to control in the master patch. Also reconstructing patches / patch management. Heavy integration is functioning with exposed parameters controllable from Unity inspector.


Weather System Mk.1

My first attempt at bringing together multiple patches and creating a cohearent master patch, then integrating into Unity throough Heavy compiler platform.


Next steps; finish setting up control parameters, further investigation of optimisation, additional sample players for more realistic sound, additional effects chains for diversity, look into setting up presets.

Andy Farnell - Designing Sound, Papers.

This repository is a french introduction to Pure-Data, a digital signal processing programming language - https://github.com/b2renger/Introduction_Pure_Data

Karen Collins - An Introduction to the Participatory and Non-Linear Aspects of Video Games Audio - LINK