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Idea Generation

Initial ideas flooded in on beginning this project. Some were instantly dropped based on various conclusions; lack of knowledge in particular areas of expertise, unsuitable project directions, unattainable resources, excessive timeline estimations.

Initial ideas and concepts to consider for potential future development

Initial ideas and concepts to consider for potential future development


Fascinations mainly revolved around the use of real time data in interactive installations. Predominantly demonstrated through functionalities provided by modern mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. These devices have the capability to measure and monitor a range of real time information both globally and locally, and recently biometrically.

The idea of using this information to drive the generation and evolution of an interactive experience is quite exciting. It presents the opportunity for new approaches toward the design and development for innovative interactive immersive experiences.

Interest and inspiration was provoked from research into Dadaism and Fluxus artistic movements, integrating audience participation with the artistic form. A particular resonance developed here as similar traits lay the foundations for video games. The audience spectator interactive feedback loop, breaching the fourth wall and readers perspective journey of the authors story. Just as art was questioned and redefined, so have video games. We are now in a technological age that enables artists to express creative, emotional and cultural perspectives in an engaging, immersive and interactive way, redefining some video games as experiences.

Stanley’s Parable and The Beginners Guide are good example of this.

After much deliberation, some grounding of blue sky ideas, and mild research, the decision was made to begin development of an integrated dynamic weather system using Pure Data, Heavy and Unity.