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Heavy Data Workflow

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Heavy Guest Lecture presented by Joe White from Enzine Audio

Integration ~For The Nation

Following an extremely informative, insightful and productive workshop hosted by Joe White from the Heavy team, creative juices were flowing strong. Heavy from Enzine Audio demonstrates how efficient iterative audio workflow can be. Tutorials on deeper integration of Heavy in Unity provided vital information for project control and functionality (via some minor scripting). With this information I can now begin to attach parameters to game events for greater dynamic control in realtime.

Joe White

Joe White

A first attempt to use the Heavy workflow proved to be successful. With little experience using this workflow, a simple Pure Data patch (consisting of a sine wave generator with pitch control parameter and start/stop functions) was uploaded and integrated into Unity. Exposed parameters and controls were available in the Unity inspector tab. Further development can begin but cautiously with issues of unsupported objects in mind.

Demonstration of my first working integration of PD & Heavy.

Demonstration of functioning Pure Data patch integrated into Unity game engine through Heavy compiler platform.