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Current Market Research on Weather systems

Weather Report

Initial research for integrated weather systems on the Unity asset store provided limited solutions, all of which were sample packs containing audio loops of processed recordings. Granted, the search filter parameters were specific, reducing the number of available options but these parameters were based on project goal prerequisites; Free of charge, dynamic user control and integrated into Unity game engine.

Investigation into current contenders with bespoke weather systems provided background context relative to the scope of the intended project.  Potential development challenges are foreseen in relation to the level of functionality and sonic realism.

Wwise and FMOD both provide additional plugins that generate weather elements, although these operate within middleware applications outside of Unity game engine (not integrated). Financial investment into these third party solutions is also required for full functionality (not free). The intention of this project is to provide the user with the same flexibility, control and functionality from within the game engine.

Current Available Bespoke Audio Middleware Systems


Audio Gaming have teamed up with FMOD to integrate LeSound Plugins into the FMOD middleware application.

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Demonstration of the functionality of Audio Gaming's FMOD integrated LeSound plugin
A demonstration of the functionality of Audio Gaming's integrated LeSound motors plugin.


Unfortunately the full FMOD integration of their systems costs £701.48*.


LeSound have developed a variety of sound design plugins but most are only available as D.A.W plugins. This means that another platform is introduced into the design workflow. With only two of thirteen plugins available in FMOD, more middleware integrations could help their popularity amongst the game audio community. The aim of this project is to try and minimise the use of multiple applications when designing and implementing game audio.

[*The high cost is based on licensing acts thats are put in place under copyright laws. LeSound uses brackets (such as low budget - less than $100k) defining the profitability of the game using their products as to ensure a financial return. Further investigation of this will be conducted later.]

Wwise & Soundseed

Wwise audio middleware solution has a native extension plugin "Soundseed" that provides the user infinite variations of procedurally generated air and impact sounds.

FMOD Unity Integration Demo Project

Specific elemets of the project provides details of inner workings. Parameter automations and vertical sequencing techniques are used.