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New Beginnings...

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Game audio technologies have evolved rapidly in recent years, providing sound designers and composers with flexibility, functionality and compatibility. The industry standard middleware applications (Wwise, FMOD and Fabric) have enabled the audio design, audition and implementation process become more efficient and user friendly, allowing for an iterative workflow for game audio teams. As powerful as they are these tool still require the use of 3rd party middleware separate to the game engine. Meaning another piece of software to learn and integrate into the design & development workflow.

In order to try and simplify things further (providing more efficient creative workflow) this project aims to build an integrated  weather system. Using Heavy functionality to build directly into Unity game engine.

In order to build a foundation for this project, investigation and research into available tools and previous prototypes is needed. Analysis and dissection of current industry praxis will help influence and inspire design approaches. Hopefully this will provide an insight into what's missing or needed in current game audio technologies.

Initial ideas that spring to mind involve building prototypes using visual programming applications such as MAX/MSP or Pure Data.

There have been a several occasions over the past 4 years where I have dipped into these environments so a quick look back at these projects will help jog my memory of their functionality and efficiency (maybe there will be some working prototypes that I can further develop).

Now to find out what to use, how it will best be used and what workflow will work best to design and develop an innovative fully functioning bespoke middleware system….